Irish Sovereignty Party

To RE-Establish Ireland as a Sovereign Republic
Freedom, Opportunity, and Individual Responsibility

In the 1970s and 1980s we had Charlie and his band then we had Bertie. Scandal after scandal, mismanagement after mismanagement we know about them all and accepted them. First we had Scrap Saturday now we have Gift Grub. It’s all a big joke however the joke is not on them it’s on us. As the saying goes “fool me once shame on you, fool me 100,000 time” well you know the rest but are you going to do anything about it?

Political ideology

To best describe the parties’ political ideology we have used the Political Compass Method as opposed to the tradition left /right placement. First and foremost the Party is Libertarian and desires a republic based on moral laws that respect each individual as opposed to groups and communities. From this come the parties’ economy position which is fundamental free market capitalist but very much opposed to the current Neo-Liberal so called free market capitalism which we believe to be closer defined as creditism, and untimely nearing to corporatism and fascism.
We believe it is important to reflect on the true meaning of words. Some of the language used to describe political ideology today can be nearly totally opposite to the words true original meaning. Some examples of words we wish to be clear on are, republic as opposed to democracy and capitalism as opposed to creditism.

Taken from
“The below chart makes clear that, despite popular perceptions, the opposite of fascism is not communism but anarchism (ie liberal socialism), and that the opposite of communism (i.e. an entirely state-planned economy) is neo-liberalism (i.e. extreme deregulated economy)”

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“Given that Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael are grounded in history rather than ideology, their Political Compass positions posed a particular challenge. However our chart reflects Fine Gael’s slightly business friendlier posture and Fianna Fáil’s deeper attachment to traditional social attitudes. Ideology is more distinct in the smaller parties, with Labour following most of its sister parties abroad by accepting the prevailing market economy, though cloaking it in social democratic language. This leaves the Socialists keeping the red flag flying and the Greens offering a sort of decentralised Socialism Lite. Like Liberal parties throughout Europe, the Progressive Democrats combine neoliberal economics with comparatively liberal social policies.”

To identify your political ideologies we urge you to take this test  even though we see some of the questions as being ambiguous.

What is clear is that the Irish Sovereignty Party is truly a Republican Party. This means we desire a state that uphold the rule of law as guided by it constitution as opposed to a democracy where a 50% plus one majority rules. When it comes to individual rights and liberty a true republic is where we need to be at. Individual rights have been etched away over the generations under a variety of guises. It is evident that politicians are becoming more authoritarian and it could be argued that we are now an oligarchic society.

Positioning on the left/right spectrum using the Political Compass Model is very difficult as their methodology does not consider, on the right, the difference between true free market capitalism and neo-liberalism. For capitalism, society requires capital or savings. However neo-liberalism cherry picks some aspects of capitalism but its monetary system is based on credit. Also under the disguise of capitalism you have close alliance between politicians and corporations. This leads to corporatism which in short, destroys entrepreneurism. So neo-liberalism takes the negatives from both socialism and capitalism. On the left it takes the “to each according to his needs” but leaves out the “from each according to his ability”. This was evident in Ireland during the Celtic Tiger years when a few hundred thousand people came to Ireland to fill positions yet we had over 200,000 on unemployment benefits. On the right they talk about deregulation however anyone involved in business knows there is more and more red tape being introduced. This makes it difficult for entrepreneurs and small business but large corporations can absorb these costs and they also have the government and commissioners ear through their lobbyists.

The Irish Sovereignty Party advocates true free market capitalism. For this you need a sound monetary base. What was evident during the Celtic Tiger years was that in general, the Irish were a highly productive hard working nation when presented the opportunity of a higher quality of living. Sadly for many who were sold on the credit expansion dream they are now left with the debt and a contraction of credit making it more difficult each month to meet their obligations. Of course we are bombarded with the idea that there is no alternative. How many times have we heard the statement “we need to get credit flowing?” Well, they do but not for the benefit of the majority of society. It is worth one’s while digging to get an understanding of this credit and monetary fraud.

Neo-liberalism has introduced a negative feedback loop in our social, political and economic structures. Now it seems like you are rewarded for what in natural law you would be punished for. So for being honest, working and saving you are punished and for being a dosser, corrupt or an unsuccessful speculator you get rewarded.

While Ireland has experienced just an economic crash it has massive social implications. A recovery requires a wirtschaftswunder. However, the only miracle about the recovery Germany experienced after the war was that Ludwig Erhard got the opportunity to implement the plan for a successful economy that he had devised in the 1930’s. The key components being a sound monetary base with the introduction of the Deutsche Mark, an end to price fixing and a workforce that were involved in production. During his term as the Minister of the Economy from 1949-1963 West Germany had just 0.2% unemployment and just 13% inflation during that period. They also rose from the ashes to become a world power.

While many may see our social and economic view as extreme, if we continue down the current path we will fail. Our view and the view of people warning us now will then become the voice of reason as the masses head for more extreme positions.

EU Political Compass 2008

As we are fundamental a central libertarian party we respect a wide range of individual opinions. As can be seen above most EU countries including Ireland are governed by right of centre authoritarian parties. Does the view of these parties reflect the majority of the people? We in the Irish Sovereignty Party hope not and from the evidence of the Lisbon Treaty referendum it seems that the views of over 80% of the politicians was different from that of 50% of the electorate. (i.e. over 80% and maybe closer to 90% of elected politicians were pro Lisbon when less than 50% of the electorate before further coercion were pro Lisbon). Take this test to explore your opinion on a variety of issues.

Relationship with Europe

When Ireland was part of the British Empire we were not content. For hundreds of years we struggled to become a free sovereign nation. Sadly we had no sooner achieved this goal (not including Northern Ireland) and we started the process of handing that sovereignty away. As no member of the party was around to experience rule under the British Empire and why we lost so many lives in a struggle to gain freedom we can only assume that it was not an ideal relationship. This pattern is currently being followed by the Balkan states. After years of war and ethnic cleansing they are bending over backwards to be ruled from Brussels.

The Lisbon Treaty debate was focused on the idea of being pro-Europe and the opposite of this being anti-Europe. The Irish Sovereignty Party wants to re-establish our sovereignty. That means that we are self ruling nation. Other European states are our neighbours, allies and trading partners and that’s where the relationship ends. Currently most of our legislation comes from the EU. Again here we have cherry picking the rules as the game plays out. Local government and the Dail use the excuse of EU regulations and legislations all the time when it needs to shift blame. However, when it suits, these laws are broken. If we were to obey the borrowing to GDP ratio of fewer than 3% we could have borrowed just €7 billion in 2009 as opposed to over €20 billion.