Turning the Corner

As I write this blog a yahoo headlines states “Taoiseach Brian Cowen is set to declare that Ireland has turned a corner from the economic doldrums during an official trip to the United States.”  While Ireland may have turned a corner it is more likely that we are headed down a dirt track and over a cliff than onto a motorway paved with economic growth. If any of you out there believe this headline or that the government are working in the interest of the majority of society you are quite simply delusional. Firstly we will paint the picture of where this country is likely to go and then we will suggest an alternative which has very little chance of happening.

As the meltdown unfolded the government intervened in the stock market to stop short selling of bank shares. Then we had the infamous bank guarantee followed by NAMA and austerity budgets. Besides all the statements and media coverage trying to convince the public that these measures were in our best interests we all know in our hearts and with a little common sense that they were not. We often hear the saying “rearranging the deckchair on the Titanic”, the actions of our Government and the external forces over the past 2 years has been an effort to keep the pumps going while they selected who got the life rafts. It wasn’t a women and children first policy.

The tolerance and inaction of society to government interventions leads to the conclusion that we will have more of the same. Instead of recovery we will have more hardship, job losses, and debt slavery. The Government will cut around the fringes but our borrowings and bailouts will spiral out of control. Like the UK we may change Government but the citizen will not be brave enough to make real change and the media will only present a slightly different right of centre authoritarian option. The state will become bankrupted and will come under the control of an EU insolvency committee. To make it palatable to the citizens an Alan Dukes type figurehead will head this committee. John Bruton will be my top prediction for this post. On the street many will say we are better off under this committee as “they can’t be much worse that the crowd before them.” Government will again present this as our best and only alternative. At this point all dreams of a constitutional republic will be just that, a dream.

To prevent this nightmare, citizens need to take action. For a new party to emerge and take a dominant position may be asking too much. However, there is some evidence with the success of George Lee that the people are willing to elect candidates of high morals within the mainstream parties. While George Lee may have left his electorate down this is no reason not to try again.

Our woes did not begin in 2008; they began with debt based money. To build a brighter future we need a Government that serves the citizens. This Government will take morally correct actions and not the easy way out or what they are told by external forces. A scenario would be for the government to take their hands out of the market and let the cards fall where they may. We would then say goodbye to the Euro and declare ourselves a sovereign state. Our treasury would issue debt free money. Those who lost deposits could be reimbursed at some level with the new Punt. Our constitution would state that government can only issue 2 or 3% new money per year to be spent into the economy. This would mean our money supply would double every 24-36 years. Society would be informed on credit creation, its effects and its risks. Creditors and debtors would have equal risk.

We would likely receive pressure, threats and economic sanctions from foreign sources. To counter this we would need to express to the world our openness for free trade and our willingness to pay back our debts. We would also need to point out to citizen of the world that we are an alternative model to what is in place today.  While those in power may not like what we are doing the majority of citizens would admires us. We must also remember that there are over 80 million people that claim Irish descent that we could depend on for support.

Our priority should be to reclaim our sovereignty. Currently, the majority of society still believes we are in control. This is not a lack of education or intelligence. The majority of us just want to live a simple life and give our children a better standard of living than we had. We assign many things to others in good faith including the management of state issues and management of our pensions. However, our trust has been breached by those who spend all their sleeping hours developing plans on how to grab control and wealth. They then spend all their waken hours implementing these plans. These people are not capitalists but may have enterprises that resemble capitalism on the outer layers. Many of us are compromised as we are dependent on these people for our daily bread. Nobody wants to lose what they already have and will be satisfied taking a pieces of a diminishing pie rather than risk building a system where there is ample pie for all.

Sadly, things will need to get much worse before people will begin to take a strong stand. By then it will be to late.


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