Morgan Kelly on Irish sovereignty

Morgan Kelly’s opinion in the Irish Times on the 22nd of May titled, “Burden of Irish debt could yet eclipse that of Greece,” has received a vast amount of scrutiny during the week. Besides all the facts and figures what stood out for me was his observations on Irish Sovereignty.


“The issue of national sovereignty has for so long been the monopoly of republican headbangers that it is hard to know whether ordinary, sane Irish people still care about it. Either way, we will not be having it around much longer.”


The dwindling crowds at the Dail protests on Tuesday nights is thankfully evidence that the Irish people have little interest in being hoodwinked by the leftwing headbanger. On being a sovereign republic, I’d say most gifted it away without knowing or were hoodwinked by the promise of a free lunch by the so-called neo-liberals.


What history has proved is that attaining independence is a mammoth and generally bloody task but handing it away can be done at ease. 


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